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  Backup Aider is an easy to use program for backing up your files. It allows you to quickly save your important data into a hard disk or a USB drive, protecting it from being accidentally lost. The program works under Windows.


  Main program features:

  -  Creation of backup tasks comprising a set of options, including source and destination directories, archiving options, schedule settings, etc;

  -  The program can scan source directories to choose the required include and exclude filters;

  -  The possibility to create desktop shortcuts for quick manual execution of backup tasks;

  -  Outlook Express messages can be automatically backed up.


   Limitations in current version of the program:

  -  Online backup is not implemented;

  -  Backup Aider can't burn CDs.


  Backup Aider is not suited well for backup of the whole hard disk. We think it can be mostly useful for programmers, as it allows one to easily save required files from selected directories with easily customizable include/exclude filters.


  The program is freeware.